Self Service Bar Hire

You and your guests can pour your very own pub quality chilled draught beer or cider, a mix of up to 4 different beers or ciders can be connected to the self service bar too!

Self Service Bar & Tap

Sauly Event’s self service bar has been designed with a “rustic look” featuring rustic style beer taps and a rustic wooden effect bar front and top.

The self service bar allows you to attach your choice of kegs to the bar so that you and your guests can enjoy your favourite beer.

The self service bar can have up to 4 different beers or ciders attached at once or you can have 2 different products coming out of the 4 taps. The choice is yours!

Attached and hidden away below the taps is a remote beer cooler which means that you to get that perfectly chilled pub quality pint!


The self service bar is delivered and installed by qualified Sauly Events Staff. Our team will deliver the day before your event & collect 2 days later.
Longer hires are also available upon request.

The Sauly Events self service bar is one of the most
 popular hireable items with our clients.

Our customers love that no staff are required to operate the self service bar. It has also been designed to be guest friendly so that guests can easily pour their own drinks – a great experience at any party or event.
It’s also a great way to see who can pour the best pint!